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About Us

Founder of Helping Hurting Hearts Ministries,
Taren Walton


HHHM is a nonprofit 501c3 established to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Our organization serves the St. Louis county and St. Louis city area men, women and children of all genders and sexual orientations. 

Our mission, empowering survivors of abuse to reclaim their strength, fostering a community of support, and advocating for healing and justice.

Our vision is creating a supportive and empowering environment for survivors of abuse involves fostering awareness, providing accessible mental health resources, promoting legal advocacy, and encouraging community education to break the stigma associated with the abuse.

We inspire to create a society that champions empathy, erase stigmas and provides comprehensive resources, confidential hotlines, safe spaces for open dialogue, support groups, trauma- informed counseling with trained counselors, ensuring survivors receive unwavering care, justice and empowerment through our collective efforts. we strive for a community where every individuals lives free from the specter of abuse, where healing is embraced and where survivors are celebrated for their strength and resilience.

Values :

Equality : Ensuring equal treatment and opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, age religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other characteristic.  

 Meet the Founder

Taren Is a woman of God a wife and mother. Her compassion for the broken hearted has allowed her to become a voice for the voiceless of sexual assault and domestic violence. Taren knows all too well what it means to be voiceless and muted from traumatic experiences, her transparency has allowed her to sow seeds of encouragement, inspirational love and transform lives in others. Taren is the founder and Executive Director of Helping Hurting Hearts ministries, she sits on the steering committee for SSM Health on informed trauma. Taren is an advocate for the sexual assault and domestic violence unit with the YWCA for emotional support. Taren is the author of "Damaged children healing hearts to love again."

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